Q: What is PLUX?
    PLUX is a New York City based multi-disciplinary studio founded in late 2013 by Patrick Kalyanapu.  Having worked for 15+ years at some of the world’s best creative agencies such as R/GA, Wieden & Kennedy, and Leagas Delaney, PK felt it was time to form a company that offers the same high-end creative services to clients but also brings passionate individuals together to ideate and build products & experiences that will enrich peoples’ lives and make the world a more beautiful, functional place.
    So whether you're a brand in dire need of a refresh, an upcoming band in need of a mind-blowing music video, or just someone with a great idea that needs some design love, whatever the creative need… email us at connect@pluxco.com and we’ll chat.
    And if you're a writer, a technologist, a venture capitalist, a marketing guru, a programmer, a designer, or an animator who's interested in creative collaboration with PLUX, we're all about teaming up with smart individuals who want to bring great ideas to life.  Drop us a line and let's make this world a better, more beautiful place.
    Q: Do you do anything else beyond graphic design, motion graphics, branding, and illustration?
    Yes, a LOT else.  We have strategic partnerships with ninjas in their own respective fields, so if you’ve got a project that requires photography, video editing, 3D, installations, interactive design (web, mobile, kiosks, etc.), marketing, strategy, front end web development, don’t hesitate to contact us.
    Q:  How would you describe your corporate culture?
    Remove the word "corporate" and you're just about there.  As passionate as we are about excellence in our work, we are rather hedonistic in our philosophy that life is something to be enjoyed, not endured.
     Q:  Do you have a mailing list?
    Why certainly.  Click here to join the ME PLUX YOU mailing list.  In addition to gaining immediate access to freshly baked PLUX projects, you’ll periodically be rewarded with new fonts and various other goodies. WIN WIN.
     Q:  Are you hiring?
    In the coming weeks we’d like to bring on a part-time intern or two.  Ideal candidates would be art/design school graduates who are looking to gain more exposure for your art/illustration work and/or developers who are hungry to build fun websites, apps, and games.  We’re quite selective about who we work with, but if you are interested in interning at PLUX, email your resume to connect@pluxco.com and a brief description of why you’d like to work at PLUX.  
    Q:  How many domains does PLUX currently own?
    Currently?  39.
    Q:  Are you plotting world domination?
    Q:  Care to elaborate?
    We’ll get back to you.